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CHHS Technology Survey

To all CHHS parents The School Technology Team is in the process of developing a 3 year plan. Part of this process is to gather important information from staff, students and parents so our plan is effective in improving student... Read more

Skoolbag Communication Centre

Our Skoolbag Smartphone App

Our school has just released the Skoolbag app which gives parents easy access to information such as newsletters, events, calendar and much more. Please download our Skoolbag Smartphone App which we will be using to send you... Read more

Back to School Dates 2015

Years 7, 11 and 12 return Wednesday 28th January 2015. All students return Thursday 30th January 2015.... Read more


World's Biggest Classroom Exhibit

This group artwork was created by North Haven Primary School, Kendall Primary School and Camden Haven High School in collaboration as a Schools Spectacular entrant. It is part of the World Biggest Classroom Exhibition for Schools... Read more

What parents should know about Instagram

It's hard to keep up with all the social media platforms and apps our kids want to use. Instagram is currently one of the most popular social networks for school-aged children at the moment. It's a free, photo and video sharing... Read more

Managing depression in children

One in four kids over the age of 12 has significant depressive symptoms. For girls, depression generally appears between the ages of 11 through to about 14. For boys, depression generally appears between 12 and 16. Signs your... Read more

Our School is a purpose-built integrated comprehensive school which offers two modes of learning, face to face and distance education. We aim to provide a caring, safe and happy environment so students can learn and develop as individuals.