For enrolment forms for full-time students, please ring the Distance Education Centre office on 6556 8200 or freecall 1800 815 301 between 9:00am and 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Our enrolment forms are available to download below.


The following Camden Haven High School Distance Education enrolment forms are for full-time students seeking to enrol in Distance Education under the following categories:

2.2 Geographic isolation

(Statutory declaration required)

2.3 Students travelling within Australia

(Traveller's itinerary and statutory declaration required)

2.4 Students temporary resident or travelling overseas

(Traveller's itinerary and Statutory declaration required)

2.5 Students with a medical condition

(specialist medical certificate to accompany application)

2.6 Pregnant students/Young Parents

(Copy of birth Certificate or confirmation letter of pregnancy from general practitioner required)

2.7 Vocationally talented students

(with the exception of dancers – all enquiries need to be redirected to Sydney Distance Education Centre. Phone: 02 92076300)


Enrolment Forms

Application to enrol in a NSW Government School Form (pdf 1470 KB)

Statutory Declaration (pdf 289 KB)

Stage 4 Non Case Managed 2018 (pdf 971 KB)

Stage 5 Non Case Managed 2018 (pdf 844 KB)

Stage 6 Non Case Managed 2018 (pdf 1274 KB)