Single Course Enrolment

CHHS Single Course student

Single course provision is available for Stage 5 and Stage 6 courses to students who cannot study the course/s they want in their government or non-government school.

We provide for the education of students who are unable to fulfil their educational requirements at their own school. Students need to meet specific guidelines to be eligible for enrolment in distance education. Single course students can study one (or more) courses at Camden Haven High School while continuing to study the rest of their courses at their home school.

What are the benefits?

Studying by distance education enables students to:

  • select courses of interest or necessity which may be unavailable in the home school.
  • fit their study into existing school timetables and work at their own pace in their own time.
  • have direct contact with teachers by email, phone and post.
  • have teachers visit students in their school where possible.
  • attend study days, seminars and excursions to provide contact with other students across the cohort.

Who can enrol?

Any student who cannot study the course they want in their government or non-government school can seek enrolment. Approval is subject to the conditions described in the Distance Education Enrolment Guidelines issued by NSW Department of Education and Training.

When can students enrol?

We encourage schools to have their completed application mailed to Camden Haven High School by 24th November 2017 to ensure a smooth start to the school year. However, we do accept enrolments until the 14 February 2018.  No cut-off date applies to students whose course of study has been interrupted by transfer to another school.

How do students enrol?

Applications are made by the Principal of the home school. The Principal will determine if the student meets the guidelines for enrolment at Camden Haven High School before sending the application.

For more information, contact Jana Hartmann on 6556 8250 (Single Course Enrolments)